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Top 5 Digital Banking Companies in UK - 2021

The digital banking transformation trends that emerged in 2021 have driven banks to change at an exponential rate in order to meet consumer expectations in more effective and efficient ways. The capacity to conduct business hinges on banks and credit unions’ ability to respond swiftly to consumer needs, leveraging technology to help legacy systems and workforces adjust to a new normal. The COVID crisis placed financial marketers into the spotlight, requiring them to react quickly to unforeseen situations. Instead of selling services, marketers were encouraged to personalize communications to assist clients in coping with the financial consequences of the pandemic.

The concentration on automation and robots seems appropriate at a time when most financial institutions are anxious about the likelihood of loan losses and income shrinkage in a post-pandemic economy. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can boost productivity by acting as a cost-effective replacement for both in-house and outsourced human personnel. RPA offers cost savings greater efficiency, accuracy, client satisfaction, and seamless flexibility. However, most of the financial institutions are increasing investment in privacy and security solutions more than any other technology. Not only are the risks of breaches increasing, but consumers are becoming much less tolerant of organisational mistakes. Cybersecurity and data privacy will become a unique selling proposition (USP) for many financial institutions and big tech organisations. At this juncture, consumers will control access to their data stored on apps, the web, and other digital channels, with banks burdened complying with increasingly stringent regulations.

To help organisations select the best-of- breed Digital Banking Solution Providers, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, analysts ,and the Banking CIO Outlook Europe’s editorial board has reviewed and select the Top 5 Digital Banking Solution Providers in the banking industry. In our selection process, we have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well as cost-effective digital banking solutions and services.

Here, we present you Banking CIO Outlook Europe’s “Top 5 Digital Banking Solution Providers in UK - 2021”.

    Top Digital Banking Companies in UK

  • Backbase's Engagement Banking Platform was built from the ground up as a single future-proof platform with customers and employees at its core. It easily plugs into existing core banking systems and comes pre-integrated with the latest fintechs, allowing financial institutions to go beyond banking and innovate at scale. The Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform, the company's software, integrates data and functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech providers into a unified customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

  • BizFirst is a payments and self-banking technology company that focuses on offering safe and efficient processing solutions. The company goes a step ahead and provides a complete and fully integrated set of components such as automated switching, ATM and card management, POS administration, mobile banking, and more. With a primary focus on assisting customers in integrating products into a system promptly, the software company delivers innovative, secure, self-banking solutions. BizFirst, in collaboration with infrastructure technology partners and terminal equipment vendors, delivers highly dependable, cost-effective, large-scale turnkey solutions to financial institutions, retailers, and payment processors worldwide

  • 10x Future Technologies Services

    10x Future Technologies Services

    10x's patented cloud native platform, SuperCoreTM, allows client banks and financial service providers to provide more timely and relevant experiences and insights to their consumers when it comes to money management in an increasingly digitally connected world. A full array of enterprise-grade capabilities spanning banking process automation, compliance reporting, securities, and analytics, supported by leading technology, are all included in the platform. 10x Future Technologies provides banks with a secure cloud-based operating system involving powerful database design and data modeling capabilities, as well as a modular design and open APIs

  • Geniusto


    Geniusto Provides BSFIs and other industries around the world with omnichannel digital banking and payments technologies. Next-generation banking and Fintech solutions from geniusto elevate financial institutions to new heights, allowing clients all around the world to conduct transactions with ease and speed. For retail and business banking, the company provides an out-of-the-box functionally rich mobile and web platform. Smarter digital banking, powerful payments processing engine and services integration hub, a business rules engine and process orchestrator.

  • ieDigital


    For over 25 years, ieDigitale has provided customer-centric solutions to the biggest names in financial services. The company combines the capabilities to improve the customer experience, accelerate growth, maximize cost efficiency, and control risk by connecting into any core banking system and fintech ecosystem. The company's primary focus was on domotics, often known as home automation. When the 1990s arrived, ieDigitale was well on its way to become a leading digital software vendor.