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Nicolas Bruley, CEO, Antelop SolutionsNicolas Bruley, CEO
Only about a decade ago, plastic cards were at the helm of the banking technology. Instead of paying in cash, a consumer would take out a shining card from their wallet or purse, and pay with its PIN at the retail counter to complete the transaction.

However, this is no longer the scenario now. Consumers have evolved from physical cards at ATMs and retail POS terminals to making digital payments through their smartphones. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the intensification of digitalisation movements across industries, plastic cards are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Armed with convenient services and plentiful benefits, digital payment systems are gradually grabbing more share in the overall payment market that was long dominated by physical cards. And, in the wake of this fast-paced transformation in the financial domain, a digital banking maven that is prepping banking organisations to enhance their digital payment services and deliver an ‘upgraded digital-first banking experience’ to their customers is Antelop Solutions.

“Every banking customer today wants all their banking processes to be contactless and digital,” says Nicolas Bruley, CEO of Antelop Solutions. Especially with the pandemic crisis in play now, contactless digital payments are gaining more traction than ever among consumers. To facilitate the demand, banking organisations that have long been under the grip of antiquated processes are now making digitalisation a fundamental aspect of their roadmap. However, the integration of digital cards and payments also require the banks to focus on the authentication and security protocols in their payment methods and applications. This is where Antelop cements its cornerstone as a B2B partner with its all-in-one secure mobile authentication and payment solutions.

As the first company worldwide to reach the Visa security compliance certification for proximity cloud-based payments, Antelop is transforming the status-quo of digital banking. The company is known for its role in facilitating robust solutions for leading mobile and digital wallet services certified Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES (issuer tokenisation for Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, NFC issuer wallet and leading digital card management like pushing cards into Apple Pay, Google Pay but also Netflix, Uber and control cards). Equipped with advanced security and latest biometrics, the customer authentication provided by Antelop is unparalleled and ensures that its clients can offer a secure, PSD2-compliant banking experience for any sensitive operation.

We are a company that listens to the clients, understands their problems, and addresses the pain points through robust and specific digital card solutions

“We are a company that listens to the clients, understands their problems, and addresses the pain points through robust and specific digital card solutions,” says Bruley, highlighting the company’s differentiating factor. By utilising its robust suite of digital payment products, Antelop Solutions helps banking organisations to turn rigid, traditional banking and card systems into more flexible digital payment techniques that facilitate more seamless transactions.

To make this shift an effortless affair, Antelop offers unified card digitalisation APIs through its PCI DSS certified SaaS platform connected to the Visa and Mastercard tokenisation systems. It enables banks to easily launch Apple Pay, Google Pay and any Pay and benefit from the latest digital card management functionalities for end-users (eg. Push a card into Apple Pay from Bank app). Besides, Antelop offers a white-label NFC issuer wallet designed to transform banking applications into secure NFC mobile payment solutions with the clients’ own brand and visual identity. The solution comes with a certified multi-scheme SDK that supports major card schemes (Visa, Mastercard, and CB) and that can also securely card details for ecommerce purchases.

Antelop’s SaaS platform is certified Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES, and CB for simplified launch. Clients can also integrate their SDK with the help of Antelop’s agile support team in less than two months. In addition to that, the time-to-market can further be reduced by using Antelop’s customisable, white-label user interface (UI). These UIs can be rebranded according to the specific requirements of the clients.

Once the application is set up, end-user customers can ‘tap and pay’ from their devices without any payment limits or data connection but also securely card details for ecommerce and push cards into Apple Pay, Google Pay, Netflix, Uber.

Further elaborating on their capabilities in the digital payment space, Gruner presents a case study when Antelop Solutions partnered with Raiffeisen, a leading T1 european banking group. The client had a legacy system that utilised a variety of card systems in different countries. This siloed approach made it challenging for the company to provide a consistent experience for all its customers across different locations. When Antelop came into the picture, it was able to unify their digital card and mobile security strategy and designed a single platform to serve their needs in every country.

On its path to script many more client success stories, the company is now building new partnerships to jointly develop better solutions for the banking community. Alongside this, Antelop is also working towards expanding its footprint in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the APAC region, with already more than 20 countries with live solutions. When asked about the company’s moonshot goal, Bruley quips, “We want to be the ultimate technology partner for banking companies to build superior digital payment solutions that deliver a unified payment experience to all its banking consumers.”

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Antelop Solutions

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Antelop Solutions

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Antelop is the digital partner of banks for card digitalisation and mobile security. The company provides all-in-one secure mobile authentication and payments solution with leading digital payments and strong customer authentication features. The ground-breaking PCI DSS certified SaaS solutions of Antelop are designed to speed up time-to-market for banks seeking to offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, any Pay and overall secure digital banking solutions to their customers. Backed by its large international partners, Antelop’s solutions are live in over 20 countries and have proven their robust and innovative capabilities in real-time